I Can't Breathe!

 My heart is heavy and I am tired of the necessity of us having this conversation, but as long as we need to speak on the matter of police officers killing black men with no respect for their lives, we will keep the...

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Is It Time For You To Do A Spirit Check?

My daughter and I have been together during the "Stay at Home" order due to COVID-19. The other day she suggested that we watch the Michelle Obama documentary, "Becoming: An Intimate Conversation with Michelle Obama" on ...

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Ahmaud Arbery We Speak Your Name!

We all have our personal lanes we travel, but there comes a time when we all must cross over and merge into oncoming traffic if we want things to change. I am grateful to my various colleagues and community partners that...

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Time to Invest, Divest & Harvest

 We are in changing times. Over the past couple of months experiencing COVID-19, days of isolation, and orders to stay at home have caused us to ponder what does the future really looks like? I have talked to friend...

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Social Intelligence

Children are taught social skills on how to get along with others, be kind and play fairly. Nowhere in our psyches are we prepared to learn how to distance ourselves from each other (except if we feel we are experiencing...

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Equity Vs. Equality

The travesty of COVID-19 has sparked many conversations around racial disparities among the African American community. There are a lot of people discussing how hard the Black community has been hit by this epidemic and ...

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