“REPtura” The New Green NFT Company

“REPtura”  The New Green NFT Company


As society evolves, we continue to find new ways to keep up with the status quo as human beings. Unfortunately, as people of color, some of us are often the last to access or obtain vital information that provides an even playing field. For this reason, people like Bobby Robinson and his new green NFT company, REPtura, deserve recognition for their fantastic work.

Born in Miami, Florida, Mr. Robinson has made a name for himself as an entrepreneur, lawyer, business strategist, & consultant. Sadly, while on his journey, he often found himself the youngest or only African American male at the table, which didn't sit well with him. Especially in a world of finance and technology where Black people have been denied equal opportunities for generations. Inequality instilled his passion for emerging technology, branding, and marketing which led to the development of his NFT company, REPtura, co-founded by his partner Andre Farr in 2021.

So, what exactly are NFTs? An NFT is a "Non-fungible Token," a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a digital ledger that can be sold or traded. They are data units that can be associated with digital files such as photos, videos, and audio. It is a one-of-one digital asset. Mr. Robinson states that NFTs allow entertainers and artists to take more control of their brand and ownership of their content. Much like the goal of owning their masters as a recording artist, NFTs allow owners to have exclusive rights of their IP addresses which provides them the safety and security when wanting to transfer their assets associated with it.

Like many monumental opportunities and industries, having your own NFT company sounds like a fantastic journey. However, not everyone wants people of color to have an equal opportunity to thrive. When asked about those types of challenges, Mr. Robinson stated that it was an uphill battle during the beginning of his and his partner's experience. He reflected on meetings where people asked him directly, "Why do we need an NFT platform for people of color?"

Robinson stated that it is his responsibility to make sure that his company provides a space for diverse content creators to have a chance to thrive in a billion-dollar industry the same as others. He continued to state that giving access to digestible educational content will aid in onboarding more black and brown creators and collectors into the NFT ecosystem so that they, too, can deepen their knowledge and tap into their earning potential. He did make sure to reiterate that though they want to be inclusive to allow people of color to access this type of information, the level of professionalism for him and his staff would be no less than any other professional agency.

As a graduate of Charlotte School of Law, cum laude, Mr. Robinson has continued to use his education to be a beacon of light in many areas. He served as the Associate Editor of the Intellectual Property and Technology Law Journal and the Academic Committee Chair of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA). He also received a Master of Public Administration, magna cum laude, from Columbia Southern University and a Master of Business Administration/Finance, cum laude, from Everest University.

Robinson's passion for education and paying it forward has led to a tremendous opportunity to assist with something our people have needed for decades. Having the courage to challenge those who would prefer we never access the type of knowledge REPtura is a true symbol of servitude. Knowing that entities like these exist creates a passion for excellence that some may have never had the opportunity to obtain in the financial realm.

I've had the chance to work as an influencer for companies like Robinhood when stock markets and trading began to become more popular amongst people of color. The excitement that it gave me is something that I was hungry to share with everyone I encountered. Now that NFTs have taken the forefront, I'm just as excited to continue to funnel as many people as I can to this new platform. The only way we, as a people, obtain true financial freedom is to make sure we follow the right leaders. After three conversations with Mr. Bobby Robinson of REPtura, I feel like I could follow this genius mind anywhere. Before letting you return to the hamster wheel of life, I challenge you to follow Mr. Robinson and his REPtura team as they continue their journey.

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