Coach Wendy: Stepping into Your Season of Greatness

Coach Wendy: Stepping into Your Season of Greatness

Greatness (n) the quality or state of being great (as in size, skill, achievement, or power). 

Coach Wendy Gladney Williams knows a lot about stepping into greatness. A life strategist, consultant, speaker, and best-selling author, she is an anomaly! Her deep faith in God and will to triumph over all obstacles has made space for that. Be it overcoming abandonment, sexual and domestic abuse, three divorces, and the many hurdles life can bring, she has healed through to the other side with a heart full of love and forgiveness. Her pain has transformed into her testimony, and her life lessons and resolve have served as a blueprint for other women to be nurtured and inspired by. “I’ve always loved helping women and have been a confidant to many,” she reflects. And you can tell by how she states this; these acts of service are sacred to her.

Coach Wendy specializes in helping women step out of fear and limitation into their season of greatness, mentally and spiritually. She is the founder and convenor of her newest venture, Season of Greatness (SOG)TM, a community of like-minded women that come together to grow and achieve their best selves.

Open to all women, but created specifically for women of color, ages 40 and up, Season of Greatness (SOG)TM was the next step in her plan to expand her life strategy services and focus on holding space for women of color that needed assistance releasing trauma and tapping into their authentic selves. “If you have ever felt that something is missing in your life, or if you are experiencing an empty nest, divorce, change in work or career, or if you just want a little help to get to the next level, Season of Greatness (SOG)TM is for you.”

As a certified life strategist, she provides actionable inspiration and whole-life solutions to help women, through transformation and transition, reach their full potential and create sustainable success. She frequently references her framework: Meaning, Message, and Mission, as the vehicle she uses to help her clients and members navigate the various seasons they are in. “When women tap into their meaning, they will uncover the necessary tools that can help them build a happy and purpose-filled life. When they have identified their message, they discover their purpose to live the life they were meant to live. And lastly, when women understand their mission, they find their inner power. It helps them build confidence and eliminate the things that hold them back. They can finally live the life they were meant to live and recognize that their power of possibilities are endless,” affirms Coach Wendy.

Per her website, the mission of Season of Greatness (SOG)TM is to help individuals from all walks of life understand what their “Season of Greatness” looks like and how to achieve it. You can join the group by visiting:, clicking on “Season of Greatness,” making your annual payment of $197, and just surrendering to the experience. Exclusive member benefits include:

  • Membership to the Private Facebook Group
  • Access to the community
  • Networking with like-minded women who are focused on stepping into their power
  • Monthly Virtual Sessions
  • Coach Wendy / Season of Greatness (SOG)TM Monthly Newsletter
  • Free eBook
  • Discounts on Coaching Services with Coach Wendy
  • Discounts on Annual Retreats & Conferences
  • Discounts on all Products & Merchandise
  • Gifts, Prizes, and more!

For those in Coach Wendy’s inner circle, no one is surprised that her journey has led her here. She recalls back to 2017 when she was at an impasse in her life. She had gone through another divorce, resigned from her job, and was questioning her purpose. Her daily prayers included asking God for direction because she could not see through the frustration and disappointment of the time. She fondly remembers that during one of her many ‘come to Jesus’ conversations, one of her friends said, “You know you always come out greater whatever season you go through.” Those words truly struck a chord with her. She began to meditate on the season concept and arrived at what would inevitably lead to the birth of the beloved Season of Greatness (SOG)TM community.

In its original iteration, Season of Greatness (SOG)TM was launched in 2018. It took off rather quickly and became successful over a short period. It happened organically because this was a gift that Wendy had cultivated for most of her life, and she would later find it to be her calling. As her membership and community grew exponentially, her life coaching classes and curriculum gained notoriety with women across the country. The connections that were being fostered and the healing that was taking place was something to behold. Then, the pandemic hit, and Wendy, like most people, had to press pause on everything. That pause would eventually turn into a two-year hiatus.

It wasn’t until 2022 that the Lord put it on her heart to relaunch Season of Greatness (SOG)TM. From there, everything started to crystallize. Today, her community boasts over 40 members, and she is on track to garner 100 members by the end of the year. These women come from all walks of life and experiences and are from all over the United States. Many of these members have also transitioned to being privately coached by Wendy. Through her curated sessions, she serves as a professional safety net that helps clients navigate uncharted waters and perform at their maximum level. Her virtual sessions and meet-ups have given her business more flexibility and helped her enlarge her reach in ways she may not have been able to before the pandemic.

Ultimately, Coach Wendy wants her clients to discover their meaning, message, and mission and use forgiveness as the key to their liberation. She wants them to obtain clarity about who they really are and achieve their best self without comparison to others. We all struggle with who the world thinks we are. We feel like we’ve failed because we can’t live up to our own expectations or we are stuck waiting for things to get better. We are taught to be humble – especially as Black women. We don’t view [our gifts] from a lens of confidence. This is how imposter syndrome creeps in. The Season of Greatness (SOG)TM community is a reminder that you can reclaim your power and step into it authentically and unapologetically, without fear,” she maintains.

At her core, Coach Wendy wants to see you win and will give you the tools to achieve your best life. She genuinely celebrates others and is there to lend an ear, a good word, and a hand to those in need. To represent love in action in uncertain times is rare and a gift that she has fully realized in her life journey. With close to thirty years of experience, she has built a stellar reputation in the special events, corporate, nonprofit, and coaching sectors. A multi-faceted entrepreneur, she is the founder of Personal Services Plus Consulting (PSP) and the nonprofit, Forgiving for Living, Inc. (FFL). She is a weekly columnist for the Los Angeles Sentinel and the Inland Valley News and has authored two books: “The Preacher’s Daughter: A Memory” and “Forgiveness: Change Your Life Forever.” Her subject matter frequently revolves around the themes of forgiveness and healing. Coach Wendy is a mother, grandmother, and wife. She is committed to her faith, family, and community. She believes everyone has the power to make a difference and lives by her motto: “Healing Without Hate: it’s a Choice, it’s a Lifestyle, Pass it on!” 

It's also telling that while Coach Wendy is helping others stand in their greatness, she is also experiencing her season of elevation. By the time you read this, Wendy will have moderated the first Season of Greatness (SOG)TM Symposium on March 25th as part of the Black Business Association’s 2023 Salute to Black Women Business Conference. She is in the process of penning a Season of Greatness (SOG)TM book, growing the community, producing conferences and retreats, securing strategic brand collaborations, creating e-courses, establishing herself further on the public speaking circuit, and intentionally building her brand to lend to the Season of Greatness (SOG)TM global expansion.

“When I see someone that I’ve helped, it brings me joy. I want women to teach other women that they deserve to acknowledge their greatness.” After all, greatness is our birthright, and Coach Wendy agrees that we all can tap into it in any season of life.